Biochemia Medica

Biochemia Medica, the official journal of the Croatian Society of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine, provides a wide coverage of research in all aspects of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine. The Journal's articles are issued in English.

The following topics fit into the scope of the Journal: clinical chemistry, hematology and hemostasis, molecular diagnostics, immunology, analytical toxicology, clinical laboratory pharmacology and endocrinology. Development and clinical evaluation of methods and technologies applicable to clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine are welcome as well as are contributions focusing on laboratory organization, automation, quality and safety in laboratory medicine, harmonization and standardization, reference methods and values. On a regular basis, the Journal also publishes preanalytical case reports (Preanalytical mysteries), articles dealing with applied biostatistics (Lessons in biostatistics) and research integrity (Research integrity corner). Genetic association studies, studies on animal models and/or cell cultures are not in the scope of the Biochemia Medica journal.