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On behalf of the Editorial Board we proudly announce that in November 2011 Biochemia MedicaJournalhas been approved for inclusion in PubMed/Medline bibliographic database, from the first issue (i.e. 21(1)) published in 2011 year.
Medline is the most important and most comprehensive bibliographic resource in the field of biomedicine, which is managed by the largest medical library in the world - the National Library of Medicine (NLM) (1,2).
This is indeed an outstanding achievement which comes as acknowledgment to the highly devoted editorial team for some recent efforts within the quite short life span of the new Editorial Board of this Journal (3). Besides many developments we especially wish to point out the recent launch of a new web page and an online manuscript submission system (4) and the implementation of the revised policy on the Statement of Conflict of Interest (5).
We hope that inclusion in PubMed will help us to continue improving the quality of the Journal by increasing its international visibility and position within the group of similar respectable journals in the field of laboratory medicine. We also hope to soon observe the substantial increase of the number of high-quality submissions to Biochemia Medica.
This is a great motivation for us to further continue and cherish our key values: timeliness of publication, publication ethics and research integrity, quality of content as well as the quality of the editorial work and production of the Journal.
We take this occasion to thank to all who helped make this great success: our authors, reviewers and Journal editors. We appreciate their voluntary contribution, their precious time and enthusiasm.
Dear authors, reviewers and Journal editors, without your contribution and support this would not be possible!


Potential conflict of interest
None declared.


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